Mom is HOME!!!

Mom is HOME!!!

Charlie The Destroyer

We are so happy our parents are home! We honestly thought they had left us FOREVER!!! But they came back and I didn't want to leave her lap....ever!! 

They say that for each human year that us dogs have 7 years. This isn't really accurate on how dogs perceive time. Its based off of life expectancy for us dogs. Albert Einstein said "When a man sits with a pretty  girl for an hour, it seems like a minute. But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute -- and it's longer than any hour. That's relativity" (I learned that from reading "Build Your Own Time Machine"). 

Personally, when my humans are gone it does feel like forever! But when they are near I use my special super dog powers and make every second last! 

So wait, what was I doing? Oh yeah! I was giving everyone an update on things around the house and the shop! 

Mom said they got the sign up at the store! She texted me this picture.

This should make it a lot easier for everyone to find the store. Mom takes us down there so make sure you have some treats on hand for us. But no junk food please! If you don't have any treats we will gladly accept petting and compliments. When I say we, I just mean Archie and I. The cats, goats and Wilbur don't like to ride in the car. 

I gotta go, Archie is barking at something and I need to see what it is! 

Have a great day human!!! 

~ Lily Bell