We are Jude & Starr Egan, In 2017 we sold everything and bought 6 acres in Nipomo, California. After working 80 hour weeks in the corporate world, owning a restaurant in Orcutt that just about drained every ounce of energy we had, with our health and sanity at risk, we decided to make some major life changes. We sat down and asked ourselves what is it that we not only want but what do we want to contribute while we are on this planet?

Jude's answer- he wanted to connect more with the earth, spend more time with his family, plant and grow food and flowers, ferment vegetables (which are excellent probiotics) and focus on health.

My answer- I wanted to be able to have a sanctuary for animals and I knew I wanted to start a non-profit so that I could help as many animals as possible while I'm on this planet. I also knew that I didn't just want a non profit that would ask people for donations. One of my other passions is that I love to curate beautiful things, I decorate homes and offices as a passion, so instead of just making a one-time donation to an animal rescue of our choice that would only last for a short time, we took an initial $20,000 to create an evergreen non-profit, a mercantile/store that would be an experience for the people donating but could also help our cause...helping animals. I pulled my design and curation skills together and we started our boutique in Nipomo. Furthermore, to add to the experience and to bring more people in daily as well as to raise more awareness for our cause we have partnered with Dark Nectar Coffee Roasters in Atascadero and will be opening a coffee for cause lounge and juice bar in Fall of this year. 

Jude and I are both lovers of land, we have soul connections and a deep love for animals. Funds from our rescue help in the following ways:

1) We are partners with Santa Maria Valley Humane Society, we host adoption days onsite and pay for adoption fees, we also help spread the word about pets for adoption, you can see our adoption partner stories on our social channels. 

2) We are partners with Woods Humane Society, we are in the process of becoming partners with SLO and Santa Maria Animal Services to provide the same adoption services as well as fostering. 

3) We work with select local Veterinarians and pay vet bills for animals when owners can't pay the bill and their pet would otherwise have to be put to rest but with our help and the vet's care can live a long prosperous life.  

4) We work with many groups and partners to rescue dogs, cats, bunnies, goats, chickens, piggies, livestock, alpacas...to name a few, that have been neglected, abandoned and are in need of medical care, rehabilitation, love and rehoming. 

And wherever else we are needed when it comes to animals...

About our name-- we came up with the name JUST for several reasons-

1) Ju from Jude + St from Starr (and our children's names) = JUST Farms

2) We believe that all abused, abandoned and neglected animals deserve (just)ice, they are pure love and it is our human mission to provide unconditional love, care and companionship to as many animals as we can while we are on this planet. 

To us, animal rescue means giving a home and finding homes for all animals whether they come from a shelter, an unfortunate situation, the street or a pet store. All animals deserve love and a beautiful, peaceful home. Our rescue journey will focus on abandoned animals but we wanted to share our rescue belief and mission for clarity. All sales from our shop benefit animal rescue and the re-homing of dogs, cats, goats, piggies, bunnies, ponies and horses. Stay informed about how funds are used on our Facebook or Instagram channels.

Just Farms receives no government funding. Everything we do is funded by your support in purchasing our items from our website and our brick and mortar coffee & mercantile outlet. 

There are so many ways to show your support and help us continue to save the lives of all these beautiful animals. Your purchase of any of our items goes towards Just Farms continuing to grow. When you purchase apparel items you get to be part of the movement in showing others your support. Thank you for visiting.