This Beeswax Hand Cream is an excellent barrier cream to protect dry, chapped hands. Beeswax from our own naturally treated hives, USP grade lanolin, and deodorized cocoa butter work together to seal cracks in your skin and protect your hands. 

Customers state that they felt immediate relief of the stinging sensation of chapped skin when they applied this cream. Because this hand cream has such great natural skin protecting oils, it works wonders for anyone who has to frequently wash their hands. 

Organic extra virgin coconut oil is one of the best emollient, or skin softening oils known to man. Pair that with the light texture of vitamin E rich sunflower oil and your skin will be smooth and supple in no time. This hand cream utilizes the power of probiotics to preserve it, and your skin. Lactobacillus has been shown to reduce redness and inflammation, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plus even skin tone when applied topically. 

This hand cream is scented with 100% pure redistilled peppermint essential oil with a hint of vanilla. Redistilled peppermint oil has the characteristic smell of sweet peppermint, with less herbal overtones when compared to regular peppermint oil. (This hand cream is one of our best sellers. It smells good enough to eat!) This hand cream will feel slightly cooling on your skin because of the peppermint essential oil. 

Our Vanilla Mint Beeswax Hand Cream is the complete package: beautiful aesthetics, healthy ingredients, and effectiveness all rolled up into one little tube! This hand cream is composed of primarily oils, so it doesn’t wash off easily, and it does not feel greasy when applied.

Materials: Organic sunflower oil, beeswax from our own naturally treated hive, organic extra virgin coconut oil, cocoa butter, lanolin, lactobacillus, peppermint essential oil, vanilla fragrance