Oh, For Fox Sake, you need this mug! Because some days, these four little words (or sometimes just that one four-letter word) is just sitting there on the tip of your tongue all day. This adorable enamel mug is a very cool way to say with your beverage what you WANT to say with your face-- and it might end up helping you feel a bit better about your day.

I don't think there's any way to NOT love this cute little geometric fox sitting there amongst this distressed letterpress design. He's a cutie, yes... but there's nothing cutesy about this cool little mug.

This is an individually printed vintage reproduction mug in a sturdy enamel-coated steel with contrast rolled rim. These mugs look small, but hold a full 12 oz (A standard coffee mug holds just 11 oz.) It's lightweight, sturdy, dishwasher safe (sort of-- see note at bottom of listing for care & washing), and ready to stand up to all sorts of abuse. Each one is hand-dipped in enamel and intentionally left looking a little rustic.

These are super high quality, heavy enamel mugs that withstand a lot of abuse.

SKU: 001730